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" There are many similarities with B. and I - she is my birthday twin and yet there is a duality, a dichotomy, and ultimately a balance of our uniting differences. I wish to laugh at the strangeness of our presence in the same room or the eery like-minded ways we view the world.  B. metaphorically completes the missing letter in the first 4 letters of the alphabet.  I am indeed A.C.D. and she being B.  fufills that missing space. Though I direct the first 4 projects , B. will take on the challenge of directing many of the letter projects that complete the series and narration of both art and fashion. Through the first 4 letters you do see B's skillsets in myriads of ways including modeling, photography, and so much more. Much  like the chapters of the Letter Project, Brenda will narrate her story and I wish not to alter her perspective or execution of her chapters. "

About B.   : BRENDA


Brenda photographing Vini

David Zwirner Gallery ( Chelsea)