About us

Art. Creation. Design. is a visual arts, art, and fashion website created by A.C.D. Using multitude layers of metaphors, imagery, and a variety of art mediums to create visiual narrations and products. 


The products ranging from art to fashion are part of the 26 letter project A- Z in which are inspired by thematic elements of artists from the past to present. Each project as well as the different mediums of artworks by the "artgang" create a liason between art and fashion. Ultimately creating a book of 26 chapters of works of art and design. 


Each project headlined by  each letter of the alphabet  is limited to the idea and focus theme and subject,  becoming its own capsule of products in limited quantities. Much like art, once the artist has finished their artwork ; what remains is their  work. In each project produced by , the artist A.C.D. ; she takes a chameleon role to change the skillset she uses within each indivdual project . 


This website fully opens in 2021. Welcome to the labyrinth of the art stories.

Thank you for visiting.