Photographer : Tarishi Gupta / Photo Edit : A.C.D. 

Assistant Photographer : Circé Malnoy

Styling : Ariane Velluire  Makeup : Lisa Cooper 

"This idea began with me, myself, and I. The perpetual fusion of three compartments into one. I do not believe that the constructs of an artist should be defined by one singularity. Who is the artist? What is it to create? That is a good question. I hope to answer it by the letter Z. Through the first 4 letter projects A-D  : The Age of Butterflies ( Metamorphosis, Cocoon, Caterpillar, and Birth) ; I will explore the duality of each artist involved and their battle of the 3s including myself. I address the psychology of the artist : their id, ego, and superego; and the chaos of creativity. 


The artists I am privileged to work with I simply call the 'artgang'. From photographers, muses, painters ,designers, and much more. There is one common trait. The spirit of their hands.  


I best describe myself as a true chameleon.  I do try to stay to the elements of art, creation and design for that is where my strengths remain...but I would not trust that either. The most honest thing I can say is : EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. That is what life is. Adaptation. For some survival. By the time I even label myself, I would have already changed and evolved through the nature of life itself.  My adoration and respect of the galleries, museums, and libraries of my youth  are cherished ; and one will see their influences throughout the projects. Anything in relation to that is out of the sincerest respect. I thank them, I love them, and I am probably in there more often than they think. 


I think the artworks, 'artgang'  and the nature of  Art. Creation. Design speaks best of the narration and its focus. Despite the range of talents, different styles: I seek to fuse the narration to create one commonality and speak ultimately one voice : The Voice of The Artist . 


Thank you for visiting.   " - A.C.D.